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Being a Yorkshire Housing tenant

Before moving into a new home, all our tenants are required to sign a tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement is a legal document that sets out in detail what is expected of you, and what you can expect from Yorkshire Housing. You will begin as a ‘starter tenant’. Provided you keep to the responsibilities set out in your tenancy agreement, this will last for 12 months at which point you will then become an assured tenant. However, if you fail to keep to your responsibilities, the starter tenancy can be extended for a further six months, or we may even serve you notice and ask you to leave the property.

Below are they key terms from our Starter Tenancy Agreement (assured shorthold tenancy) and our Assured Tenancy Agreement. These are the most common types of agreement that we use, though other types of agreement are in place in some areas.

These tenancy key terms are published for reference only and form no legally binding contract. Your actual tenancy agreement is a legal document, your copy of which should be kept in a safe place.

If you want to read more about Yorkshire Housing’s Tenancy Policy, click here.

Starter tenancy rights
  • Right to occcupy – You can live in your home without interruption or interference from Yorkshire Housing so long as you stick to the terms of your tenancy agreement. If you break any of the terms in the tenancy agreement, we may serve you notice and require you to leave the property.
  • Right to succession – If you were to die while living in your Yorkshire Housing home, your partner or joint tenant can inherit your tenancy if they were living in the home at the time of your passing
  • Right to repairs – Where certain repairs are needed that are due to fair wear and tear and/ or the failure of systems, we will carry out these for you. If, however, the repair is due to damage and/or neglect by the tenant, we will either require you to arrange for the work to be carried out, or if we do the repair, we may charge you.
  • Right to information and consultation – Yorkshire Housing will consult with you before making any major changes, and you have the right to information about this tenancy and about Yorkshire Housing.
Additional rights after starter tenancy period
  • Security of tenure – Yorkshire Housing can only end your tenancy by obtaining a court order for possession of the premises
  • Right to exchange – You have the right to transfer your tenancy to another tenant by way of exchange provided the person you want to exchange with is a social housing tenant with written consent from their landlord (which we need to provide for you also)
  • Right to make improvements – You can make improvements, alterations and additions to your home provided you get Yorkshire Housing’s consent first, and can claim compensation to be paid at the end of your tenancy for the improvements, in accordance with our policies and procedures
  • Right to sublet/Take in lodgers – You can, with written consent from Yorkshire Housing, take in a lodger (someone who lives in your home as a member of your household with no private use of the home) and sublet part of your home (someone pays rent to use part of your home privately)
Your responsibilities
  • Pay your rent on time and a service charge if applicable, as well as any rechargeable repairs
  • Allow Yorkshire Housing access to complete repairs and report repairs promptly that are the responsibility of Yorkshire Housing
  • Live in your home as your only and principle home, and don’t overcrowd it
  • Give Yorkshire Housing at least 4 weeks notice of ending your tenancy
  • Let Yorkshire Housing know if you are going away from the home for more than 4 weeks so that we know you have not abandoned the property
  • Get permission to make improvements to the property and to run a business from home
  • Prevent damage to the property
  • Keep the garden neat and tidy
  • Park sensibly and boats, caravans, etc. must not be parked on communal parking areas without Yorkshire Housing’s permission
  • Pets may be kept but you must request Yorkshire Housing’s written consent
  • Treat your neighbours with respect; please don’t use or threaten violence (including domestic violence), or use racist, abusive or insulting language
  • Take care of your home and communal areas, don’t dump rubbish
  • Consider your and your guests’ behaviour and its effect on your neighbours. Don’t behave offensively when drunk or under the influence of drugs, or allow your home to be used for criminal activities
  • Don’t graffiti, damage or threaten to damage someone else’s property

If you do not keep to the responsibilities mentioned above, you will be breaking your tenancy agreement and we may even start legal proceedings against you.

Yorkshire Housing's responsibilities
  • Provide support and services where necessary
  • To give at least one month’s notice in writing of a change of rent or service charge
  • Give notice of legal proceedings
  • To keep data about you safe and use this only in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • To repair the structure and exterior of your home

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