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Your Healthy Home

Is your home feeling a little under the weather? How can you tell? We all know what it's like when we're not feeling our best selves (and let's face it, that's usually in winter) but what about our homes? 

On our Healthy Home hub you’ll find some quick, easy and low-cost ways you can make sure your home feels in tip top condition this winter and what to do when you notice something isn’t quite right.

Don't worry, usually the treatment is a few quick and easy changes in and around the home. Every now and then it might be something a bit more serious, but don't worry - that's what we're here for. Just let us know and we'll come and investigate. 

What can you do to keep your home in its prime this winter? Do the below and use our handy checklists too! 

  • Keep your wall mounted extractor fans on in the kitchen or bathroom 
  • Leave a little space between your furniture and the walls to let your walls breathe a bit
  • If you're drying laundry indoors, make sure it's in a room with a running extractor fan
  • If you've got trickle vents on your windows, check for a running extractor fan and then follow the advice below:
    • Running extractor fan = close your trickle vents
    • No running extractor fan = open your trickle vents
    • If your windows don't have trickle vents, don't worry - open your windows and lock them in the vent position and it'll do the same job. 
  • Did you know that it's recommended you keep your home heated to between 18c and 21c? Don't let the temperature drop below 16c for long periods to keep your home healthy.
  • Don't use Calor gas or paraffin heaters. Not only are these not allowed inside your home, but they also produce a lot of moisture which is released into the air.


£ a year to run your bathroom extractor fan. That’s around 2p a day!


% less steam if you throw in a bit of cold first when running your bath

Damp and mould symptom checker

Some quick, easy and low cost ways to reduce the chances of damp and mould in your home, and what to do if you spot any.

Symptom checker
Photograph of a window from the inside looking out with ice and condensation

House looking a little tired? 

We've got a tonne of information on some easy home repairs and maintenance in one handy place for you.

General disrepair
Man with glasses putting polyfiller on the wall, doing some DIY

10-minute challenge

Take our 10-minute healthy home challenge with some quick checks you can do to see if your home's healthy for the winter.

Your Healthy Home challenge
A woman in a pink shirt holding a clock that shows 10 minutes countdown

Cost of living

If you're worried about heating your home or not sure if there are any benefits or tax relief schemes you can apply for, we've got everything you need to know here.

Cost of living
Man using a calculator at a table with a notepad and pen and a pile of coins

Health and safety 

Everything you need to know about health and safety in your home. From gas, fire and water to asbestos and electrical. 

Health and safety
Plug that has been melted and burnt on one side lying on a white surface.