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Raising the roof podcast

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Ey up, welcome to our ‘Raising the Roof’ podcast series! If you’re looking for an interesting new podcast to listen to, you’re in the right place. Join our host and Chief Exec Nick Atkin as he sits down to chat with industry leaders to tackle topical issues head on, in the housing world and beyond. 


Season 2 episodes

Episode 8 – Is the customer still King or Queen?

In this episode of Raising the Roof, the topic on the table is customer service. Listen to Nick Atkin's conversation with experts Jo Causon, CEO Institute of Customer Service and Richard Beevers, Director Customer Plus as the trio talk about customer experience.

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Episode 7 – Retrofitting: The road to net-zero

In this episode of Raising the Roof, our host Nick is joined by  Kate Henderson  Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation and Steve Ellard our Director of Assets and Sustainability, to talk about our role in tackling the climate crisis and the main challenges when it comes to retrofitting.

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Episode 6 – Regulation

In this episode of Raising the Roof, we take on regulation in social housing. Nick Atkin is joined by Gavin Smart, CEO at Chartered Institute of Housing and Laura Magezi, Policy Leader at National Housing Federation as they cover how we must take a collective approach as a sector.

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Episode 5 – Workplace wellbeing

In this episode of Raising the Roof, Nick is joined by Professor Cary Cooper a world leading expert on wellbeing and 50th Anniversary Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health, and Marie Jenkins published author of ‘Burnout to Bold’ and wellbeing business owner. The guests talk about strategically changing culture to retain the best people and promote a positive culture.

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Episode 4 – Recruitment

In this episode of Raising the Roof, we’re joined by Suresh Lal from Odgers Interim, James Leighton from Andersen James Group and Yorkshire Housing's Sarah Hutchinson to discuss recruitment; how to attract new talent and retain the best people.

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Episode 3 – The cultural truth... ED&I

In this episode of Raising the Roof, we’re joined by Lucy Malarkey, Managing Director of Women in Social Housing (WISH) and Akin Thomas, CEO and Founder of AKD Solutions to discuss equality, diversity and inclusion.

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Episode 2 – Reputation and stigma

In this episode of Raising the Roof, we tackle reputation in the housing sector and ask ‘How do we change the stigma around social housing?’ 

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Episode 1 – To flex or not to flex 

In this episode, we look at flexible working, the four-day week trial, Elon Musk’s controversial email to employees and workplace wellbeing. 

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Season 1

Episode 1 – Emerging from lockdown: The things to look out for 

In this episode we reflect on the impact Covid-19 has had on our personal and work lives. We also look to the future and at what we can expect in the months ahead as we emerge from lockdown. 

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Episode 2 – The Martini Principle 

In this episode we take on the future of the work debate. Our chat is centered around the ‘Martini Principle’ and the idea of working any time, any place, anywhere post-pandemic. 

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Episode 3 – Disruption and digital 

In this episode we look at all things innovation. We explore the challenges the housing sector faces and how we can learn from other sectors. 

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Bonus episode – Housing & me: A Mayor’s view 

In this special bonus episode we take a close look at housing in West Yorkshire. We talk about how we can work together to better our homes and communities. 

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Episode 4 (part 1) - The future of homes: Homes of the 1950s or 2020s? 

In this episode we chat about how we’re currently using innovation in social housing and looking ahead, what the homes of the future could look like. 

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Episode 4 (part 2) - The future of homes: The role of shared ownership 

In this episode we zoom in on shared ownership and look at how it’s changing the housing market. 

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Bonus episode – Tackling climate change: The importance of customer engagement 

In this episode we look at how we get customers on board with retrofitting and take them with us on the journey to net-zero. 

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Episode 5 – The power of brand 

In this episode of we focus on the importance of branding and getting your messaging right. 

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Episode 6 – Building homes fit for the future 

In this episode of Raising the Roof, we zoom in on modern methods of construction (MMC) and how they could help solve both the climate and housing crisis. 

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