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Home contents insurance

First thing's first...what is contents insurance?

Home contents insurance protects the things that make your house a home. It's insurance that covers the cost of replacing your belongings at home if they’re broken, damaged or stolen.

If you’re renting one of our homes, you should get clued up on what it is and if you need it.

Why do I need contents insurance?

If you rent one of our homes, it’s unlikely that we cover your belongings as part of the tenancy agreement. It’s a good idea to think about what you might want a home contents insurance policy to cover so you can decide if you need one.

Contents insurance for renters is designed to help protect what you own. No matter how careful you are, there’s always a risk that your belongings could be broken, damaged or stolen.

Is contents insurance right for me?

To help you decide whether home contents insurance is right for you, we’ve teamed up with Thistle Tenant Risks, and Great Lakes Insurance UK Ltd. Thistle have got an insurance policy called the My Home Contents Insurance Scheme that’s especially for social housing customers.

My Home Contents Insurance Scheme

My Home Contents Insurance Scheme offers you insurance for the contents of your home. This includes cover for things like furniture, carpets, curtains, clothes, bedding, electrical items, jewellery, pictures and ornaments.

Learn more about home contents insurance on this quick one minute video.

Home contents insurance FAQs

No, we provide insurance for the building but not your belongings. To cover what you own, we suggest buying your own home contents insurance.

You can buy home contents insurance from any insurance company. My Home Contents Insurance is a good option.

Everyone living in social housing can apply for My Home Contents Insurance. The policy has been designed for social housing customers who want to protect their belongings.

You can apply for My Home Contents Insurance by calling 0345 450 7288 or by requesting a call back using their contact page.

My Home Contents Insurance has different policy options so you can choose the right cover for you. They offer standard cover which insures your belongings against fire, theft, vandalism, water damage and other household risks. They also offer optional extras at an extra cost. You can request full details of the policy cover and exclusions are before you apply for cover.

My Home Contents Insurance offers flexible payment options. Go to thistlemyhome.co.uk to read the full list of payment options.

My Home Contents Insurance Scheme has its own set of FAQs to help you understand the ins and outs of the policy. Read My Home Contents Insurance FAQs.