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Report and update a repair

How to report a repair

You should feel comfortable in your home and confident that everything is working just how it should be. If you rent a home from us and do find something that’s not working, reporting a repair is easy.

You’ve got two options:

You can also use our repair form below, just follow the steps to report your repair.


What type of repairs are there?

We split repairs into emergency and routine so we can fix the most urgent things first. There are also some repairs that you’ll need to do yourself.

We've listed what's counted as an emergency repair below and added in some examples of non-emergency repairs too. Below that we've given examples of our planned repairs which include things like fixing fencing or redoing plastering.

We’ll do repairs as soon we can, for some routine repairs we guarantee we’ll do them in 28 days, for others it’s 90 days. We'll be able to give you more details when we have more information on your specific repair.

Emergency repairs are:

  • Total loss of electricity, gas or water supply
  • Unsafe power, lighting or electrical fittings
  • Blocked flue to open fire or boiler 
  • Total loss of heating in winter months
  • Taps that cannot be turned off and are running at full flow
  • Uncontainable water leak 
  • A home being insecure because of fire, police activity, harassment, domestic violent or if the property is empty
  • Serious roof leak or a major structural failure
  • Total loss of hot water (for vulnerable customers) 

Call our customer experience team as soon as possible on 0345 366 4404. They’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We know some things can’t wait so, for emergency repairs, we’ll come out to you and make your home safe within 4 hours and complete the repair within 24 hours of you reporting it.

If you're in one of our new build homes and in the defects period, please be aware that the timings are a little different. The builder (rather than Yorkshire Housing) will come out to your home within 24 hours instead. If you're not sure this is you, don't worry - we'll help you on the phone. 

If you suspect a gas leak, call National Gas Emergency Services immediately on 0800 111 999

Non-emergency repairs:

  • Minor issues with toilet e.g. water running into the toilet pan
  • Loose brickwork or brickwork has eroded 
  • Internal joinery repairs e.g. kitchen unit door with loose hinges
  • Doors or windows sticking or causing a draught 

For non-emergency repairs we'll get someone out to you within 28 days. 

Planned repairs:

We also have some repairs that we plan in, these are non-emergencies and cover things like roofing, guttering and fencing fixes, larger plastering and brickwork jobs as well as repairs that need scaffolding or specialist machinery to finish. For these types of repairs we have a 90 day window to complete the job, that's because it often needs some specialist skills, machinery or materials. 

If you'd like some more details, you can take a look at our full repairs policy

What repairs do I do?

There are some repairs that you need to do yourself. You can find some handy videos on our looking after your home page. But here's a few examples of the types of repairs you're responsible for, and for the full list of what we do and what you're responsible for, take a look at page 5 of this handy document which is part of our repairs policy

FAQs on your repairs

Once you’ve reported a repair, we’ll send you an email to confirm what we’ll do and when you can expect it to be done. The easiest way to check for updates is by logging into your online account or you can give us a call.

Emergency repairs will be done within 24 hours. Routine repairs can take up to 365 days, though we’ll aim to do them quicker than that.

Your repair will be prioritised if you:

  • Have specific care needs and circumstances
  • Are disabled
  • Are elderly
  • Have small children

If there’s a reason a repair needs doing quickly, we’ll take that into account. For example, if your garden fence is broken and it borders onto a main road or public footpath potentially causing a risk to small children or pets, it’ll need fixing as soon as possible.

We’ll be in touch 10 weeks before your gas safety certificate expires to arrange a check. You can find out more on our gas safety page.

To make sure you're safe at home we'll visit you each year to do some important safety checks. These include checks on:

  • Yorkshire Housing-owned gas appliances, such as boilers (this usually happens eight weeks before the annual gas safety certificate expires)
  • Yorkshire Housing-owned electrical appliances, such as fridges or washing machines
  • Customer-owned gas appliances
  • Solid fuel chimneys
  • Oil boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Unvented hot water cylinders
  • Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarm testing (these are carried out at the same time as other safety checks in your home)

Looking after your home

To find out more about looking after your home and staying safe, take a look at our looking after your home page or our health and safety page for help and advice.