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Want to rent a home in Yorkshire you’ll be chuffed to bits with? Family homes, retirement living or a city centre apartment – we’ve got you covered!

How to rent a home with us

Renting with Yorkshire Housing

We’ve got a range of homes to suit different incomes and circumstances. Find out which type of rent is right for you and how to apply.

If you’re looking for homes for families, couples and singles, look no further! Social rent homes are let through local authority housing registers – they’re often called choice-based lettings. You can find your local authority and apply using our handy search tool.

We also advertise a small selection of our social rent homes on Rightmove.

Social rent homes cost less to rent than private rent homes and they’re for people who’re most in need of support. You can find more details about how we allocate our homes in our allocations policy. Or if you just want a quick summary, there's the allocations policy overview.

Thinking of downsizing? We might just have the perfect place for you!

Our retirement living schemes offer your own private home in a friendly community setting. Or if you need some more support then one of our extra care homes might suit you better.

You can apply for our retirement living schemes and extra care schemes through your local authority. Just use the map or postcode finder to find out who your local authority is if you’re not sure.

We also advertise a selection of our retirement living homes on Rightmove.

We’ve also got some homes available to rent on the open market. This means anyone can rent them and they cost what you’d expect to pay if you were renting privately. These homes are mainly apartments, including some fantastic city centre pads!

All of our market rent homes are advertised on Rightmove.

Fancy renting a new build home for five years with a 20% discount on your rent so you can save for a deposit? After 5 years you’ll have the option to buy the home.

Sound good? Our rent to buy homes are advertised on Rightmove or through your local authority – just use the map or postcode finder on this page to find out who your local authority is if you’re unsure.

If you’re working but need help paying rent, an intermediate rent home could be the best option for you. Intermediate rent is usually 80% of what you’d be charged if you rented through a private landlord in the same area. To qualify you have to meet the minimum and maximum salary levels – it'll say what these are on our adverts.

All our homes that fit into this category are on Rightmove.

Find your local authority

Why choose Yorkshire Housing?

Renting a home with us will give you:

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Frequently asked questions

You don’t need to pay a deposit for a social rent home. But you’ll need to pay your first month’s rent up front.

If you’re not sure if you qualify for social housing, head over to your local authority’s website where they’ll be able to tell you.

For properties we advertise on Rightmove, we shortlist based on how suitable you are for the home. We’ll look at your income, your outgoings and your connection to the area. Don’t worry, we’ll talk to you about this before we book a viewing. We can also suggest other homes to you if we think there’s one that would suit you better.

We’re fair in our approach to how we allocate our homes. We offer most of our homes through the local authority Housing Needs Registers and work with your local authority to allocate homes through their eligibility and priority lists. You can find out more about how we let our homes in our allocations policy.

To rent some homes you must already live or work in the area or have close family living there. Local authorities sometimes use this criteria in popular areas or for new builds.

You’ll need to apply through your local authority.  Make sure you explain why your home’s no longer suitable so your local authority can get you into the right band. This is so you can then bid on homes that work better for you.

You can also swap your home with another Yorkshire Housing customer or social housing customer with a different housing association or local authority.

We’d only switch you to another home if there’s an ‘immediate harm to life’. An example of this would be if you were experiencing domestic abuse and couldn’t safely look for another home.

If you’ve switched over to Universal Credit, help for paying for your housing is included and is called a housing payment. If you’re still claiming housing benefit, then this is the payment that will go towards your housing costs.

Whether you claim benefits or not, we always do an affordability check before you view a home. This’ll help you to understand how much rent you need to pay and what will be covered by benefits. 

We love pets! They’re allowed in all our houses and bungalows and any home that’s got its own separate entrance. They’re not allowed in blocks of flats with communal entrances.

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Whether you’ve found a home you’re interested in, or you’ve got more questions about applying, get in touch! Our friendly team are on hand to answer any questions you might have.
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