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About us

Everything you need to know about who we are, the latest news, our vision for the future and what we’re doing when it comes to sustainability. You’ll even find our Raising the Roof podcast too.


So what’s Yorkshire Housing all about? Well, we want to make it possible for people to have a place they’re proud to call home.

But we don’t want to just put a roof over customers heads. Home should be a place where people can thrive. So we have extra support services for customers who need it, whether that’s money coaching or services to help them live independently.

We’re the biggest housing association based solely in Yorkshire. I guess you can say we are Yorkshire through and through. We own and manage around 20,000 homes across the region. This includes older person’s accommodation and homes for low-cost rent (social and affordable homes).

We’re doing our bit to tackle the housing crisis by building 8,000 shiny new homes across Yorkshire over the next few years. We’ve already built over 2,100 of them and have another 2,000 in the pipeline. This includes shared ownership homes and other schemes to help people get on the housing ladder such as rent-to-buy. We also sell some homes on the open market through Space Homes. For us it’s about profit for purpose, we reinvest the money we make back into the business to improve our homes for rent and services to customers.

So what makes us tick? Our big priorities are:

Improving our customers' and colleagues' experience.

Creating places people are proud to call home.

Our game-changing shift to dealing with issues before they happen.

Want to find out more about our reet exciting future and how we're going to deliver our vision of being the UK's best housing provider?

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