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Noticed your home's feeling a little clammy?

Did you know that normal day-to-day activities like cooking, showering and washing clothes adds moisture to the air and can make your home feel stuffy and uncomfortable? 

On this page you'll find how much water our normal activities produce and also some handy tips on how to keep condensation to a minimum. 


pints of water from boiling the kettle


pints of water from having a shower


pints of water from drying clothes inside

Here's some quick, easy and low-cost things you can do to help stop condensation:

  • Make sure your extractor fan is switched on when you're taking a shower. Most run on timers so they'll turn themselves off after a few minutes so it's one less job to remember! 
  • Cover pots and pans when you're cooking. It makes cooking faster (always a win!), saves energy and it helps prevent excess moisture too.
  • If your windows have trickle vents, keep them open all year round unless they're in a room with running extractor fans. If you don't have trickle vents, don't worry - just open your windows and lock them in the vent position and it'll do the same job.