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We want all our colleagues to love what they do and to be happy and healthy. So, we have a big emphasis on all things wellbeing. That doesn’t just mean mental health, it means physical, financial and social health too.

With such a diverse group of colleagues, we know that everyone needs different types of support, so we’ve got quite a range to suit everyone. And, we’re all ears if our colleagues have ideas on how we can improve on what we do.

Our support starts on day one.

You’ll get our wellbeing guide in your new starter pack. This includes a who’s who on our wellbeing first aiders, a stress management tool and tips on how to manage your time.  

There’s also the wellbeing section on Perkbox that has loads of meditation, exercise classes and activities that can help you to unwind and refocus. And then on top of that, we run internal events on anything from managing your money to managing your stress bucket!

And there’s also our fab wellbeing first aiders. They’re a friendly bunch from across Yorkshire Housing who are specially trained to deal with issues related to wellbeing. If you're struggling, or just fancy a chat about what’s on your mind, they’re on hand to give you confidential support.

We’ve got a fantastic employee assistance programme (EAP) that offers free, confidential support from trained professionals. Their helpline is open 24/7, or you can sign up for a programme of counselling sessions, free of charge.

And we can’t forget our wellbeing group, made up of diverse colleagues across the business who have a real passion for all aspects of wellbeing. They meet every month to check in with the activities going on for colleagues and to help shape what we do to support in all four wellbeing areas. You can join them if you’d like or you can get involved by taking part in the events and making the most of our wellbeing resources.

Let's hear it from our colleagues

Happiness at work is different for everyone. For Sarah, it's about feeling valued and appreciated, having a sense of belonging and being encouraged to be her authentic self. For Emma it's about feeling secure and valued, and appreciating simple joys like having a workspace with personal touches. We've got a blog all about finding happiness at work by our wellbeing group members. 

Prefer a podcast? We've got a workplace wellbeing episode for you to listen to as well!