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Antisocial behaviour case studies

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy their home, free from nuisance or antisocial behaviour. If you or your neighbours are suffering from any of the issues described – we want to know. You can report antisocial behaviour online or call 0345 366 4404.

Find out more about how we deal with antisocial behaviour.

Malton man banned from Yorkshire Housing properties

Yorkshire Housing has banned a man from its properties after threatening and abusing residents. Legal action has been taken against William Todd for behaving aggressively and threatening tenants at properties in Malton. York Court heard on 18 January how Mr Todd was...

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Help with hoarding

This is John’s entrance hall, as photographed through his letterbox by Neighbourhood Officer, Lee Kennedy. The stairs to his main living area are somewhere to the left at the end. John has over 3 feet of newspapers, televisions, boxes and clothes to clamber over when...

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Another Success for the Antisocial Behaviour Team!

Thanks to the use of DIY legal action, the ASB team have successfully been granted possession of a nuisance neighbour’s property. Mr. D caused nuisance and perpetrated criminal acts. He would sell his prescription drugs and buy illegal drugs for his own use, and after...

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Mediation Solves Neighbour Conflict

Neighbours use mediation to talk about their problems and work together to come to a solution. It can be difficult living in a block of flats, in such close proximity to neighbours, sharing communal areas. It can sometimes lead to arguments. This was the case for four...

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