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What are my options if I am accused of antisocial behaviour?

If you feel your behaviour may not have been ideal, try discussing it with your neighbour before it becomes an accusation of antisocial behaviour – for example, apologising to your neighbour the following morning after a party for the noise. An accusation of antisocial behaviour may not come through Yorkshire Housing, your neighbour may approach you to discuss your behaviour. Remember to stay calm and if you feel the conversation escalating to an argument, just walk away.

If a complaint of antisocial behaviour is made against you, do your best to reduce or stop the behaviour that is upsetting your neighbour, put yourself in their shoes and see if you can understand their point of view.

Professional independent investigation: If we get a report that you have allegedly committed antisocial behaviour, we will discuss this with you face to face, we will not assume guilt, but will discuss the allegation with you fairly and reasonably, giving you the opportunity to explain your side of the story and have your say. We take malicious, false reports of antisocial behaviour very seriously.

Support: There may be other issues affecting your behaviour such as health and mental health issues, or family life getting out of hand, Yorkshire Housing will do our best to provide the support needed in these circumstances.

Good Neighbour Agreement: You may be asked to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement, agreeing to certain behaviours.

Formal written warning: We may issue you with a warning, cautioning you against repeating incidents.

Mediation or Restorative Justice: You may be asked to speak to an impartial, independent third party who can help both sides reach a decision on what to do about the antisocial behaviour without having to go to court. The mediator is there to aid communication and reach a decision, not to pass judgement or take sides.

Police cooperation: Neighbourhood officers work closely with the police who can get involved with our antisocial behaviour investigations, especially if the incident was of a serious or violent nature.

Going to court: Depending on the severity of the incident, we may take you to court to prevent your unacceptable behaviour continuing.

Injunctions: Yorkshire Housing will seek injunctions preventing certain behaviours that may result, if breached, in your eviction or arrest.

Eviction: If your behaviour does not improve or is particularly serious, we may seek permission from the courts to take back possession of the property.

Independent support and advice

Drugs and alcohol team: For those who are battling addiction there are dedicated drug and alcohol teams to provide support to individuals and their relatives. The help provided can range from talking through the problem, to looking at ways of ending the addiction.

Community mental health team: This can provide support in the community for those with complex or serious mental health problems. You may already have some support in place, but you can also be referred to a community mental health team.

Citizens advice: Free, impartial advice to people facing a range of problems. The discussions you may have with Citizens Advice will be confidential. They can offer support or point you in the right direction for further advice or support that you may need.

RSPCA: The RSPCA is an animal welfare charity that can provide advice if you are concerned about an animal or are finding your pet too difficult to manage.

Our promise

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy their home, free from nuisance or antisocial behaviour.

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