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Volunteer fair 1 edited

Yorkshire Housing are looking to recruit volunteers from across the York area, to help customers with simple everyday tasks such as shopping, making meals and attending appointments.

The scheme is a joint initiative funded by City of York Council, and it is hoped that up to 20 volunteers will be recruited in the first 12 months.

Helen Bannister has been appointed by Yorkshire Housing as a volunteer coordinator to help recruit these volunteers. The aim is to upskill volunteers to support people with building confidence in day to day tasks than enable eligible customers to stay at home for longer, alongside establishing sustainable links with their own communities. The volunteer might for example support the person with selecting and preparing meals e.g. how to use a microwave, plan meals, batch cook or through becoming more confident in getting to the local shops or cafés.

For the volunteers and people using the service this is opportunity to contribute towards building stronger communities through enabling new friendships.

Yorkshire Housing also run the Help at Hand service across the whole of the Yorkshire area, on a pay-as-you-go basis in order to help customers to prepare meals, access local shops or the community as well as support with everyday tasks in the home. The service helps them to live safe, healthy and independent lives in their own homes for as long as possible. It also has a 24-hour alarm service.

Helen Bannister, Yorkshire Housing volunteer coordinator said:

“Our new volunteering opportunities in York are open to anyone who has some regular free time to give, even just a few hours a week. It will be to help our customers with really simple things like making light meals, doing local shopping or putting on the laundry. So if you are interested in volunteering, get in touch today!”

Lesley Sharp, Independent Living Service operations manager said:

“We want to recruit more volunteers so we can offer an individual tailored service, carrying out the lower level, but equally important tasks which help our customers remain in their own homes.”

Recruitment is now open and is open to anyone, such as social work students or residents or Yorkshire Housing staff with some free time to give.

If you are interested in become a Yorkshire Housing volunteer please fill out our form, or contact Helen Bannister, volunteer coordinator on 07827 896 949 or email