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05 July 2023

Yorkshire Housing retains G1/V2 ratings

Yorkshire Housing has kept its G1/ V2 rating following an In Depth Assessment (IDA) by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH).  

IDA’s are carried out by the RSH every few years at all housing associations. An IDA looks at how housing associations are governed to ensure they meet the regulatory standards required. The RSH also assesses a Housing Association’s financial viability.  

Nick Atkin, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Housing, said: “I’m pleased that Yorkshire Housing has retained its G1/ V2 grading following our recent IDA. This demonstrates that we remain financially strong and well managed as a business, despite the significant challenges faced by everyone working in the housing sector. Our continued V2 rating reflects our ambitious growth and investment plans as we continue to build the much-needed affordable homes across Yorkshire in response to the housing crisis.”