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How to search for a home with us

Yorkshire Housing no longer advertises properties on our website. Instead, properties are made available through local councils or on RightMove.

How does this work?

  1. Simply look on RightMove. You can even set up property alerts that inform you when a home matching your criteria is available.
  2. When you’ve found the right property, you can register your interest using the contact details on the property page.
  3. In addition to advertising on RightMove, we also house people from local authority housing registers. To apply, contact the local council for the area in which you wish to live. You can usually do this on their website. This is often called choice-based lettings and allows you to bid for properties. Applicants are then selected in a priority order set by the council.

Yorkshire Housing no longer holds customers’ details, unless we make a property offer. This means we will not be holding a list of customers interested in or searching for properties.

Houses for sale

Yorkshire Housing makes some older properties available for purchase and the funds go towards building new homes.

Some are sold by auction, others might be suitable for investors and there are homes that would be perfect for first-time buyers.

The properties are sold at market value with no discount and no application or qualification is needed.

Current houses for sale are all on RightMove and can be viewed directly by using the links below:

Looking to find a home FAQs

If you require any further assistance, please contact our Customer Services Centre on 0345 366 4404.

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How do I know I’m eligible to become a Yorkshire Housing tenant?
Yorkshire Housing provides an allocation and letting service to customers looking to find a home. Applicants are assessed on housing need to support balanced and sustainable communities. We provide you with a simple, transparent, fair and easy to use process.

All applicants will be assessed and allocated in accordance with Yorkshire Housing’s band system.

We will undertake pre-tenancy checks and a home visit, requesting references and identifying any support requirements with the aim of creating sustainable tenancies.

Yorkshire Housing will exclude applicants for a defined period because of past or current behaviour. Decisions will be guided by our vetting process.

All applications will be assessed and allocated in accordance with Yorkshire Housing’s banding system. What is the banding system?
The banding system is to give a fairer opportunity for customers to be housed by Yorkshire Housing, helping to create sustainable communities through providing a transparent, fair and easy to use process.

Customers will be placed into three bands with each band randomly allocated to each void property.

The bands are as follows:

Band 1 – Health and Welfare
High health and/or care needs
Statutory Homeless
Non Statutory Homeless
Victim of ASB or Hate Crime

Band 2 – Community and Economic
Economic Qualification
Local Connection
Community Qualification
Under Occupation (releasing 1 or more bedrooms)

Band 3 – General
All other applicants that do not follow in to one of the previous bands

I have seen one of your homes on Rightmove, do I have to complete an application form?
To apply for properties on Rightmove you must either complete the online enquiry form or contact the number on the Rightmove advert.
How do I know my application has been successful?
Once the advert has closed, we will contact those who have registered an interest and carry out an individual assessment based on housing need. Home visits, interviews and reference checks will be carried out prior to any tenancy offers being made.
Some housing applications go through a choice based lettings (CBL) scheme. What is a CBL?
In some areas we take part in a local choice based lettings (CBL) scheme along with the local authority and other landlords. Some of our available homes are then let through these schemes.
How does the application process work when using a choice based lettings scheme?
Choice based lettings enables you to complete one application and be considered by a number of landlords with homes in areas you choose. Available homes are advertised and you can bid for any suitable for you. All bids are judged on their priority or banding and the highest placed applicant is usually offered the home first. The list of choice based lettings providers we work with are:

Barnsley HomeSeeker
Calderdale KeyChoice
Leeds Homes Register
North Yorkshire Homechoice
Kirklees Choose ‘n’ Move
Wakefield Homesearch
Rotherham Key Choices

What is the application process where local authorities do not use a CBL scheme?
In these areas, the Local Authority maintains a waiting list and we receive nominations from this list. You will be able to get more information about the nominations process and getting on to the waiting list in these areas from the Local Authority.