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Ready to brush up on old skills or learn some brand new ones?

If you’re a Yorkshire Housing customer or volunteer and you want to brush up on, or learn new skills, then you’re in the right place. We run online training courses for our customers involved with our lunch clubs and community cafes, covering topics like food safety and digital training. Keep reading to find out more. 

Digital skills

Got family or friends that find it hard to get to grips with technology? Someone that’s only come across the doughy variety of cookies and thinks you must have watery eyes when you talk about streaming? Since you’re reading this on our website, chances are you’re pretty familiar with the wonderful world of digital, but this isn’t the case for everyone.

Our digital skills support sessions help our customers build confidence and feel comfortable when using their smartphones and computers. From sending emails to taking pictures and keeping in touch with friends and family, our volunteers and partner organisations give people the skills they need for our digital world.  And if you’re looking for work, it doesn’t half look good on your job applications!

Food safety

Do you want to learn more about food safety? Whether you’ve recently started living alone and want to know more about home cooking, or you’ve just joined a community group and want to bring along something sweet, our community training sessions tell you everything you need to know about food safety.

One of our community groups recently completed their Food Safety Level 2 qualification, just in time to bring along some treats for their bingo session!


If you’d like to join one of our community training sessions, get in touch to find out when the next one is or to get more info. You can either call or email us, it’s up to you – we’ll be here to help either way!

Sonya's story

Customers at Tentercroft Court in Dewsbury asked for some face-to-face support with their digital skills.

One customer, Sonya, had asked us to help her as her husband had passed away and he was always the one that managed their technology. He would use WhatsApp on their smartphone and tablet to chat with their daughter and family in Wales.

Since he’d passed away, Sonya had been too nervous to use their tech without him which meant she struggled to stay in touch with her family in Wales. This resulted in her feeling really isolated.

After spending some time with our Digital Champions, Sonya was able to use WhatsApp to video call her daughter. She popped back into the digital drop-in session half an hour later to tell everyone she’d just video called her daughter for the first time ever. What a result!