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Getting tenancy ready

Yorkshire Housing want you to move into one of our properties fully prepared to be your home. If you’re not quite ready for one of our properties, here’s some easy steps you can take to get ready.

Welfare benefits
Looking to find what benefits you’re entitled too? Start with the easy to use Benefit Calculator or the benefit/grant finder. For information on eligibility and how to apply visit the Department of Work and Pensions Benefits website.

You can also call your local council for Housing Benefit and Council Tax support.

Utilities - (Gas, Electric, Water)
Need help with gas, electricity or water debts? The British Gas Energy Fund Trust can help you with gas and electricity debts. Sometimes they can also provide you with white goods and cover insolvency fees. You can telephone 01733 421 060.

If you’re a customer of United Utilities you can apply online or telephone 0845 179 1791 for the United Utilities Trust Fund.

They can offer support like grants for water charges and help towards essential bills.If you’re not a United Utilities customer, your local water company may well run a similar fund.

Home essentials

The Furniture Reuse Network can help find low priced white goods and furniture in your local area.

There’s several free debt advice services available if you are struggling with debt. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau offers free debt advice and support via face to face or telephone 03444 111 444. StepChange debt support charity offers free advice, you can telephone 0800 138 1111.

Need help with budgeting, cutting costs and planning your finances? The Money Advice Service offers a simple budget planner and guidance; you can call them on 0800 138 7777. Community Money Advice offers an online budgeting service, telephone 01743 341 929 and via face to face.

Savings and loans

Considering borrowing or saving money to avoid high interest charges? Credit unions offer loans and savings with national
banks. They offer loans to members even if banks have turned them down. Interest rates are much lower than doorstep lenders and payday loan companies.

You may be able to get budget loans to help pay for essentials. Visit the government website to check eligibility, or you can call 0345 603 6967. Budget loans are interest free and have to be paid back within 104 weeks.

Don’t have a bank account? Can’t use your current account? The Money Advice Service can help you with a free bank account.