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General disrepair

Is your home just not feeling quite right?

Just like for humans, winter can make our homes a bit more prone to an unhealthy bout too. Wet and windy weather that we're all too familiar with in Yorkshire can show up problems you might not've noticed in summer. 

If there's a problem with your roof, walls or guttering you're more likely to start noticing it in the winter months. Low temperatures can damage pipes and make it easier for water to penetrate any damaged brickwork, leaves can block gutters and cause water spills onto your walls. 

A bit of DIY

Here are some quick, easy and low-cost things you can do to keep your home feeling on top form this winter:

  • If you've got an outside tap, give it a little frost protector blanket or isolate and drain the tap to help stop leaks from happening.
  • We love trees but if your home has some large trees nearby then their leaves can make their way into your gutters. Eventually, they'll become blocked and rainwater can spill down your walls. If you notice your gutter leaking, get in touch and we'll send someone round to take a look.
  • Find out where your stopcock is just in case you need to turn your water off, you'll usually find it under the sink. 

Pesky pests 

They might live outside in summer but during the colder months, some pesky pests look for warmth and shelter in our homes. 

How to prevent unwanted visitors:

  • Keep your kitchen clean and tidy 
  • If you've got family members with paws, make sure their flea treatments are up to date
  • Wash your bedding and vacuum regularly 
  • A hole or broken drain can make it easier for pests to find their way into our homes, report damage like this to us so we can get it sorted 
  • A build up of rubbish or fly tipping can attract pests so keep outside areas clean and tidy too.