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Putting Health and Safety at Our Core  

I am pleased to say that I have just been appointed Health and Safety Ambassador for both Inside Housing and Yorkshire Housing. The ambassador programme forms part of Inside Housings ongoing Resident Safety Campaign. As an ambassador of this campaign it falls to me to advise and inform Inside Housing on any key health and safety issues and also highlight the campaigns Yorkshire Housing is working on and how we are communicating this to residents and asking residents to get involved. 

Health and Safety is front and centre of how we go about our business, it has to be! I have served as a member of CSC (Customer Services Committee, which was a scrutiny committee overseeing all services provided to customers) through to the Board at Yorkshire Housing, which oversaw all customers services. I have also been a member of Joint Health and Safety Group, which looks at both staff and customer concerns, via internet/Twitter/Facebook. In fact, I have just ended my term of six years on the Board of Yorkshire Housing and a number of its Committees, all having had health and safety at their heart. I should also say that I have been a Yorkshire Housing customer for the last 10 years and being involved in the various Committees has been a passion of mine. I wanted to ensure that on critical subjects like health and safety, the customers voice is heard, and Yorkshire Housing have given me that opportunity.   

The Grenfell disaster piqued not only the Government’s interest in health and safety, but also that of all relevant agencies and the press but, in honesty, Yorkshire Housing has always had the safety of its customers, and of the public at large, at the forefront of all it does. There are regular checks by various Committees (which any customer of Yorkshire Housing can apply to be on). In addition, the Customer Voice Panel acts as a go to on how this is performed, e.g. in relation to annual gas checks, smoke alarm checks, electrical checks, plus our repairs service – all customer focused.  

For the past four years, whilst a member of both Customer Service Committee and the Board, we have increased from 15,000 to almost 20,000 properties, working on scheduled improvements, e.g. new kitchens and bathrooms, and also building new, much-needed, affordable housing. 

There are a number of customer panels which help shape the future for customers within Yorkshire Housing, and they are always looking for volunteers. The Yorkshire Housing website has details of how customers can get involved with committees and volunteering, and information on how to apply. Twitter/Facebook also have informative posts.  

I will keep you updated, on a regular basis, as to what is happening in Yorkshire Housing and with the Inside Housing Ambassadors health and safety.   

You can watch my interview with Inside Housing here