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YHL-5951 Customer Blog – Watch Your Step-01

Jo is one of eleven customers on our Customer Voice and Review Committee (CVRC). The CVRC is a customer-led committee that makes sure the customer voice is heard at all levels of the business. 

My experience with the CVRC so far has been very positive. We’re a real mixed bunch from across the region.  The Yorkshire Housing colleagues involved are great and I’ve been really impressed with the recruitment process and training. Also, we’re genuinely encouraged to ask questions. Yorkshire Housing has some fairly bold aims for the future and I love this! It really is the only way that anything is going to change.  

The CVRC gives members (who are all customers) a genuine opportunity to hold Yorkshire Housing to account. We get to ask awkward and challenging questions, review services and processes and have real input in anything new.   

We also have the opportunity to lead or champion certain topics and projects. We then feedback to the rest of the group on our progress. As a group, we’ve recently worked on complaints and discussed how to improve communication with customers. We’ve also been discussing how we can improve the contractor and repairs service.  

I’m also really happy that diversity is always high on the agenda. We hope to help Yorkshire Housing be as accessible as possible to everyone across our region.    

Looking ahead, I’ll be getting involved in a new project to create an empty homes standard across Yorkshire Housing. This is something I can really get my teeth stuck into and I’ve got lots of suggestions and ideas already. I know what it’s like to be a new customer, plus, I also enjoy spending time looking at properties on Rightmove! This piece of work might feel like a bit of a logistical and administrative challenge but it’s an area where we can make a real difference. Ultimately, it will help improve the customer experience and make a Yorkshire Housing home somewhere even more appealing to live in. 

Interested in joining the committee or finding out more? Email