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Staff from Yorkshire Housing along with Leeds City Council and the Youth Offending Service have brightened up the dark and dreary days for children at a Leeds primary school after painting its large perimeter fence in vibrant colours.

The teams got together in an annual event to spruce up the fence at Grimes Dyke Primary School, working with each other to get the job done before winter sets in.

Conor Robinson, Yorkshire Housing’s contract and performance team leader at Swarcliffe, said it was a tough job but they had a laugh while doing it.

“They started painting it last year and the fence is massive. It’s become something of a tradition now where we get together and paint the fence once a year. It’s done in really bright colours too which is really lively for the kids.”

Headteacher of the school, Louise Hill, said the area was already much more inviting for the children.

“We’ve worked with the team from Yorkshire Housing over the past couple of years to try and bring a bit of life to our outside area for our youngest children in nursery and reception. Their playground is surrounded by a large wooden fence which Yorkshire Housing agreed to take on as a project. They are currently working their way around the perimeter with a selection of primary colours and it is already a much more inviting place to play. We’ve welcomed a range of volunteers, including some from the Youth Offending Service and are really looking forward to seeing it finished by even more willing volunteers.”

Once the weather gets a bit better in the New Year the teams will be out in force again to get the job done.