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This week marks the start of the UK’s first ever antisocial behaviour awareness week (19 – 25 July).

With over 18,000 properties across Yorkshire, we’re the largest developing housing association in the area. 

But, managing so many properties isn’t without its challenges. Antisocial behaviour is a national issue and people are worried that ASB will increase following the easing of Coronavirus restrictions. Figures from Resolve show that 39% of adults believe ASB will go up when restrictions are eased. Here at Yorkshire Housing, we recognise the impact that antisocial behaviour can have on our customers, and we’re committed to tackling it head on. 

Our Tenancy Enforcement Team tackle both the cause and impact of antisocial behaviour and work closely alongside other agencies, such as the Police and Local Authorities to resolve issues. 

The most common problem our customers come to us with is noise nuisance, making up 39% of all reports. Over the past 12 months we’ve been spending more time in our homes and the number of people getting in touch about noise has increased. Our ASB team have been working hard and successfully resolved over 580 noise nuisance complaints last year. 

For example, we were told about a resident living in Bradford who would come home drunk, play loud music at night and use abusive language towards neighbours. This meant getting all the neighbours together to talk about their problems and how the situation was affecting their quality of life. For this situation the team decided to use a restorative approach to mediation to try and resolve the issue.  

Everyone agreed that the situation had been going on for too long, and that they would change their behaviours. They also agreed to talk to each other about any issues in the future, admitting that this is what they’d wanted from the beginning. The meeting ended with the neighbours all shaking hands and a positive feeling for the future. 

Tenancy enforcement manager, Adam Greenwood said: “We don’t always need to go to court. Most cases are resolved through a mix of mediation, face to face meetings, and written warnings. People generally want to get along with their neighbours and will work with us to help make that happen. 

“Every antisocial behaviour complaint we get is investigated. We gather evidence from other residents and partner agencies including the Police which might involve using Noise Monitoring Equipment, CCTV and professional witnesses.” 

If you’re currently having some noise issues with your neighbour, we find it’s always best to try to sort the problem out yourself first. It sounds simple but try talking to your neighbour and share your concerns with them in a reasonable and polite way. Most neighbours will respond to a reasonable request and it’s always better to try to work things out between you. 

Everyone has the right to enjoy their home, free from nuisance or antisocial behaviour. We see the impact it has on individuals and communities and it can be overwhelming. 

To find out more about how we’re tackling antisocial behaviour or report something to us click here.