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Mutual exchanges

As a tenant of Yorkshire Housing you have the right to seek permission to exchange (swap) your home with any other Social Housing tenant (ie. Any Housing Association tenant or Local Council tenant).

We have signed up to the Exchange Locata service provided by a company called LHS. It is a national online social housing exchange service that makes finding a more suitable home quicker and easier, and is free to use for all Yorkshire Housing tenants.

Register now to exchange your home

The service allows you to enter your details, including photographs if you wish, and search for a new home anywhere in the country and highlights possible matches with both Housing Association and Council tenants.

Accessing the system takes just three simple steps:

  1. Register at
  2. Activate by entering property and search details
  3. Start searching for a more suitable home

Once registered you will be alerted by email where potential matches occur.

When you have found someone that you want to exchange with, you then need to contact us as you will be required to complete an application and have this approved before moving home. Under no circumstances should you exchange home without first receiving approval from Yorkshire Housing.