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Quarterly reports

Here you can see our quarterly reports that show how Yorkshire Housing is performing in a number of areas, to help you review how we are doing.

If you would like to see our performance in previous quarters, please choose from the options below

Quarter 2 Performance – July to September 2018

Quarter 3 Performance – October to December 2018


Customer satisfaction with repairs carried out

Quarter 3 (October to December 18) – 88%

Quarter 4 (January to March 19) – 92%


  • Yorkshire Housing uses a market research company called Explain to carry out customer satisfaction surveys. Explain contact 475 customers a month to ask about their experience with a recent repair.
  • Satisfaction has increased by 4% from last quarter (quarter 3) and we are now achieving over our target of 89%. This is due to the work our frontline teams have been doing with our contractors to improve customer satisfaction.
Average number of days to complete a repair

Quarter 3 (October to December 18) – 10.32 days

Quarter 4 (January to March 19) – 10.90 days


  • This measure is based only on the completed repairs for the quarter, from the time the call reporting the repair is logged to when the repair has been completed.
  • The average number of days to complete repairs has increased from last quarter (quarter 3) by 0.58 days. This is due to the transition in the delivery of repairs work in the West area (Leeds and Bradford) from the contractor Mears to the new contractor Morgan Sindall. A number of jobs were waiting to be completed during the transition period that were completed once Morgan Sindall were in place.
Percentage of complaints handled within timescales

Quarter 3 (October to December 18) – 84%

Quarter 4 (January to March 19) – 82%


  • Yorkshire Housing has a two-stage complaints process, stage one is to be handled within 10 working days and stage two is to be handled within 20 working days. The measure is calculated by the number of complaints closed each month divided by the number of complaints closed within timescale.
  • 82% of complaints were handled within timescale in quarter 4, down 2% from last quarter (quarter 3). To improve this, we are working with senior leaders around the business to get more focus and improve performance.
Satisfaction with our handling of antisocial behaviour cases

Quarter 3 (April to December 18) – 71%

Quarter 4 (April 18 to March 19) – 69%


  • This measure is how satisfied customers were with how we handled their antisocial behaviour case. These figures are shown ‘year to date’ which means from the start of the year in April until the end of the quarter we are reporting on.
  • Customer satisfaction with the handling of antisocial behaviour cases for quarter 4 was 69%, down 2% from last quarter (quarter 3). We carry out quality assurance checks on our antisocial behaviour cases to ensure that our procedure has been followed. Some of the reasons for dissatisfaction are due to people not feeling they were kept up to date on the progress of their case. We are working to ensure regular contact is made with the victims of antisocial behaviour.


Number of antisocial behaviour cases tackled

Quarter 3 (October to December 18) – 246

Quarter 4 (January to March 19) – 202


  • This figure is the number of antisocial behaviour cases that have closed in the quarter.
  • Last quarter (quarter 3) 246 antisocial behaviour cases were closed. This quarter that figure is down by 44 cases. There are a number of factors that effect the number of cases tackled in any given period of time. It may be that more or fewer antisocial behaviour cases have been reported, that cases are more complicated and therefore cannot be closed, or that cases are more simple to solve so they are closed making it seem that more cases have been tackled in one period over another.
Number of complaints and compliments

Quarter 3 (October to December 18) – 44
Quarter 4 (January to March 19) – 34

Quarter 3 (October to December 18) – 190
Quarter 4 (January to March 19) – 158


  • This measure looks at how many complaints and compliments Yorkshire Housing has received.

  • In quarter 4 158 complaints were logged, this is a decrease of 32 complaints compared to last quarter (quarter 3). The reason for this decrease may be due to the fact that we often get more complaints during the winter period relating to repairs, whereas this quarter (quarter 4) we are now out of this winter period. Again, the Customer Service Centre have been working to de-escalate potential complaints and trying to put things right quickly. As is often the case, most complaints were about the Repairs and Investment Team.
  • There were 10 fewer compliments this quarter compared to last quarter. Last quarter most compliments were about the Customer Service Centre whereas this quarter most compliments were about our Homeworks department, who carry out some of our repairs.