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Scrutiny pool

Scrutiny is a great way for our customers to have a say in how we deliver our services. You’ll be able to check and challenge what we do. Most important of all, it’s your chance to hold us to account. If you've got enthusiasm and commitment for improving our services, we want to hear from you!

So, how does scrutiny work?

Feedback from our customers is passed to our customer voice and review committee, who use it to decide what service area to scrutinise.

We then send our scruntineers an information pack with everything they need to know. This might include customer satisfaction data, policies and our performance information.

After you’ve got the information, there’ll be an online introduction session on Teams so you know exactly what’s involved. And if you haven’t used Teams before don’t worry, we can help you!

Each project will be broken down in to two main parts.

  • To hear from our people. You’ll get chance to talk to our colleagues who deliver the service on the ground to see what they think.
  • To hear from our customers. You'll look at what our customers think about the service. At this point you might survey customers to find out what’s working well, and what needs to improve.
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At the end, you’ll make some recommendations based on your findings and our customer engagement team will work with you to write a report. This will be reviewed by the customer voice and review committee and go to our homes and places committee for approval.

We’ll then support you to put together an action plan for the next steps.


Each scrutiny project is slightly different so it depends on the service area you’re scrutinising.

You don’t have to be involved in every scrutiny project. You get to choose which projects you want to take part in so you can pick the service areas that interest you.

You’ll attend between 1 and 6 scrutiny sessions. We’ll let you know before each project how many you’ll need to attend.

Each meeting will be around 2 hours long and held on a weekday in the evening.

You’ll need some time outside of the sessions so you can read through the scrutiny pack and be prepared for when we meet.

We want getting involved to be easy and accessible for everyone.

Our accessible services policy tells you more about what we can offer.

If there’s something not covered, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to help you be part of this exciting opportunity.

Want to join our scrutiny pool?

Email our customer engagement team or text 'scrutiny' to 07425 720 140

Drop us an email
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