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Our volunteer coordinator Helen Bannister spoke to local TV cable channel That’s TV York in a bid to recruit more volunteers for Yorkshire Housing in the area.

Helen Bannister, Yorkshire Housing volunteer coordinator said: “Our volunteering scheme is open to anyone above 18 who has some regular free time to give, even just a few hours a week. They will be supporting our Help at Hand service.


“Help at Hand is a really well established service, assisting people with everyday tasks so they can maintain their independence and live in their own homes.


“The volunteers will help relieve the Help at Hand staff of some simple tasks, such as  helping people to go to the shops, showing them how to use a microwave if they can’t use one or doing some batch cooking for someone. So if you are interested in volunteering, get in touch today!”

Viv White, Yorkshire Housing customer in York said: “My guide dog helps me to get out and about and acts as a companion. But volunteers would be a good thing, it would mean I would have someone to do some of the simple things for me, like help me to read my letters.


“I can have difficulty finding the right bus when I want to go somewhere, so a volunteer helping me to find the right bus routes would be a great help.


“Sometimes you are just a bit fed up and could do with someone to talk to, for me personally that’s what I would be looking for. To know there would be someone there are certain times of the week to just to off load to or ask things to or have a chat would be great.”

Helen Bannister is the volunteer coordinator helping recruitment at Yorkshire Housing. The scheme is a joint initiative funded by City of York Council, and it is hoped that up to 20 volunteers will be recruited in the first 12 months. The aim is to upskill volunteers to support people with building confidence in day to day tasks than enable eligible customers to stay at home for longer, alongside establishing sustainable links with their own communities. For the volunteers and people using the service this is opportunity to contribute towards building stronger communities through enabling new friendships.

Yorkshire Housing run the Help at Hand service across the whole of the Yorkshire area, on a pay-as-you-go basis in order to help customers to prepare meals, access local shops or the community as well as support with everyday tasks in the home. The service helps them to live safe, healthy and independent lives in their own homes for as long as possible. It also has a 24-hour alarm service.

Recruitment is ongoing and open to anyone, possibly university students or Yorkshire Housing customers with some free time to give.

Helen’s That’s TV York interview will run on Freeview channel 8 in the York area all over this weekend.

If you are interested in being a Yorkshire Housing volunteer fill out the form below. Or if you wanted a chat about volunteering please contact Helen Bannister, on 07827 896 949 or email