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It’s been another busy year tackling and preventing antisocial behaviour in our neighbourhoods.

We took on and resolved over 1500 cases and did so quicker than ever (averaging 52 days each case). The largest type of problem facing customers remains ‘noise nuisance’. Problems like night time disturbances, loud music or slamming doors accounted for more than 27% of all reports. The second largest problem reported was about ‘harassment & intimidation’. These reports include people being verbally abusive or making threats, or even assaulting their neighbours. These sorts of incidents accounted for 22% of all reports.

We use a whole range of tools to quickly challenge and stop harmful behaviour. For example we set up face-to-face meetings with those causing the problems; we issue verbal and written warnings; ask neighbours to sign Good Neighbour Agreements; and offer mediation and Restorative Justice interventions. Yorkshire Housing also signs up all new customers on probationary tenancies (Starter Tenancies), which has greatly helped prevent problems escalating.

However, there are times when these interventions do not work and we find it necessary to turn to local courts for help. Last year we obtained 11 evictions, 10 Injunctions, 3 Power of Arrests, and 4 Exclusion Orders. One tenant was sent to prison for breaching an injunctions and being in contempt of court.

The use of these legal actions shows how determined we are to stop harmful behaviour because we know that every day matters for victims. If you want to find out more about our service and what it can do to help you, please contact us on 0345 366 4404.