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Yorkshire Housing will continue to support our customers who are experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19.

Yorkshire Housing’s Director of Customer Services, Cath Owston, said:

“At the start of the pandemic Yorkshire Housing told its customers that no-one would lose their home due to financial hardship caused by COVID-19. Our position on this remains the same.

As a responsible and fair landlord, we support the National Housing Federation’s position statement and work to:

  • Keep people secure at home
  • Help people to get the support they need
  • Act compassionately and quickly where people are struggling.

We would only take legal action against a customer in arrears if, over a period of time, they aren’t engaging or talking to us so that we can put a realistic payment plan in place.  We strongly encourage anyone experiencing difficulties to talk to us as soon as possible.


Our approach to collecting income means we look to support our customers. There are many ways we can do this – It could include help from our Money and Tenancy Coaches, signposting to external support agencies or putting in an affordable repayment plan to keep someone in their home.


However, we share the concerns raised about what could happen to renters in arrears as a result of COVID-19 who may not have similar support in place from their landlord.”