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We’re delighted to announce that our smart homes pilot has won the first ever Inside Housing Innovation Award following a public vote. The win will see us awarded £10,000 to install smart technology to customers’ homes.

The award was set up to recognise social housing organisations that are using technology to improve customers lives, solve problems and help deliver a better service to communities.

Our smart homes pilot will use smart technology to improve customers lives and help tackle climate change by introducing remote boiler monitoring to people’s homes.

In 2019/2020, we spent over £630,000 on boiler maintenance and repairs. We’re planning to install smart remote boiler controls in homes that would allow us to diagnose faults in real-time. This information gives our engineers the tools to repair boilers before the customer even knows there’s a problem. This means our boilers will be more efficient, engineers will spend less time on the road and customers get a great service. Not only that but we’ll save money that we’ll be able to reinvest in our existing homes to make them fit for the future.

Darren Williams, Lead Innovator at Yorkshire Housing said: ““We’re thrilled to have won this award. The funding will help us expand our smart homes pilots to more homes. This means fewer engineer visits, less waiting and more efficient heating systems for our customers.”

Watch the teams winning pitch here.