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Security has been improved at 36 homes in South Yorkshire thanks to a joint initiative by Yorkshire Housing’s Home Improvement Agency.

The housing association acted alongside Rotherham Council following a string of break-ins in the Orgreave area.

The Home Improvement Agency’s Stay Put service helped lead the scheme – which was free to residents, who did not have to be Yorkshire Housing customers to qualify.

Yorkshire Housing owns or manages 18,000 properties across the region and also provides a variety of additional services to residents. 

Alarms for doors and windows, door handles and sheds were fitted and property marking pens distributed.

Cllr Bob Walsh (Lab, Rother Vale), whose ward covers Orgreave, secured funding from Rotherham Council for the items.

Yorkshire Housing Stay Put and Rotherham Council development worker Mandy Adron arranged the installations.

Stay Put handyperson Roger Bellamy did the fitting as the first hour of his labour is free to residents in the Rotherham area.

The Stay Put service aims to keep people safe and independent in their own homes for longer.

Work can include adaptations and small DIY jobs and is available to homeowners and residents of any other tenure.

Yorkshire Housing needs, advice and support officer Jude Preston accompanied Roger to give residents safety advice.

There had been a number of burglaries in the area over the previous several weeks.

These were mostly opportunistic and sometimes involved damage to homes, such as a broken back window.

Jude gave residents advice on keeping their properties and possessions secure and also handed out crime prevention leaflets.

Sheffield-based Jude said: “The work has definitely made a difference. Residents have more peace of mind from the deterrents that have been installed.”​​

In the picture, Roger Bellamy (left) and Jude Preston (second left) are shown with resident Abigail Bradish and Cllr Bob Walsh.

Mandy Adron