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Thanks to a partnership between our home improvement agency South team and the Police and Crime Commissioner, the feeling of safety is being given back to people through extra home security measures.

The measures are identified by police officers who, through their everyday work, see first hand what is needed to improve the security of a residence. They then contact the home improvement agency and a handyperson is then dispatched to fit the security measures, which can include anything from security lights to window alarms.

The South HIA team bid for funds and were granted £5,000 from the Police and Crime Commissioner last year.

After news of a spate of break-ins in her local area, one Rotherham resident felt vulnerable at home and the police stepped in to give her some peace of mind by installing some extra security measures.

Needs, advice and support officer at Sheffield, Judith Preston, said the client had felt vulnerable living alone.

“The client became aware of our service and the partnership scheme through South Yorkshire police who made contact with Yorkshire Housing’s HIA team on her behalf.”

The customer, who didn’t want to be named, said: “I am over the moon with the assistance that the police and the Yorkshire Housing team have given me. It’s made a great difference to my general well-being, which is priceless.”