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Yorkshire Housing’s antisocial behaviour team worked with Mary to evict a noisy neighbour and resolve her living nightmare.

Mary lives in Doncaster, and has lived in her ground floor flat for several years. Mary loves the place: the neighbours are friendly, there’s a large green park next door and her family live nearby. Unfortunately, overnight this peaceful life was shattered when a new neighbour moved in to the empty upstairs flat. All Mary could hear each night was as the neighbour and his girlfriend arguing, shouting and screaming with each other. Mary soon realised they were heavy drinkers and these arguments and fights were often after long drinking sessions.

It was mostly peaceful during the day, but all hell would break loose in the evening and throughout the night. On several occasions, Mary heard violent fighting and had to call the police and ambulance to stop it. Mary told us the problems upstairs took over her life. When they were arguing and keeping her awake, it was torture, but even when things were quiet, she would lie there expecting something to kick off or someone to shout out. Mary said this day to day nuisance was ‘a living noise nightmare’.

Thankfully, Mary didn’t let these problems get her down. She did what we asked and kept detailed notes and comments in her incident diary. With this evidence Yorkshire Housing was able to challenge her neighbour and to evict him from the flat. A sad end for him, but something we had to do, to allow Mary to recover her peaceful and normal life.

Please don’t suffer in silence.

We’re lucky to have Mary’s evidence to share in her own words what happened and how she feels about it.

If you’re seriously disturbed by noise, get in touch with us and together we can sort it out quickly. Just ask Mary.

Customers can report noise on their online account, on our website or calling customer services on 0345 366 4404.