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Repairs update – Website

We‘ve made some changes to our repairs policy. This means that some repairs will take longer than before. Here’s an overview of what has changed and why. 

Emergency repairs 

These are repairs that we complete within 4 hours. Emergency repairs include urgent issues such as no gas or water supply, a loss of heating, or major leaks.  

From 16 Dec 2021, blocked toilets and sinks will no longer be treated as an emergency repair if you have another toilet or sink that you can use in your home. Instead we’ll make an appointment for you within 28 days of when you call us. (We’ll usually get to you much quicker than this – the 28 days is the maximum amount of time we can take). 

Other repairs 

All other repairs that aren’t urgent will be completed as soon as we can within 28 days or 365 calendar days depending on the work required. These are repairs such as fencing, new doors and plastering. We’ll get in touch with you when we’re ready to do the work to check it’s still needed. 

We know that some of our customers have specific care needs, are disabled or elderly. This means there may be reasons why they need a repair doing more quickly – and we’ll always consider that when booking repairs appointments. We’ll also look at the health and safety aspects – so for example, if your fence breaks and you have small children who play in the garden  – we’ll make fixing it a priority. We’ll take the same approach for our older person’s  and extra care schemes and consider the specific needs of each customer. 

Why the change? 

Like many businesses, we’re dealing with steep price rises in the cost of materials and labour which has increased our budget. It’s also becoming harder to get hold of some materials due to issues like the lack of lorry drivers and Brexit. So, we need to make a few changes to the repairs policy to help us manage the extra costs in a sensible way. The changes to the repairs policy also mean that we can look at what order we do repairs. This might depend on whether we have the materials we need and how urgent a repair is. 

We want to assure you that we’ll still be delivering a good quality repair service to all of our customers. The changes are only for new repairs you report, if you already have a repair booked in this will still go ahead. 

We’re making the change to the repair policy until Sept 2022 when we’ll review it. You can read more about our repairs service and what you can expect here.