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Hudds Recycling

A successful new recycling scheme in Huddersfield has been celebrated by Yorkshire Housing staff and customers.

The project, which launched two months ago, has seen recycling rates soar among tenants on Smithy Lane in the town’s Moldgreen area.

They joined staff from Yorkshire Housing’s neighbourhood and customer engagement teams for festivities last Friday.

Among the attractions was textile artist Mandy Beck-McKinn, who showed youngsters how to make colourful creatures from recycled materials.

There was also an Easter egg hunt and children’s games.


It comes after staff in Yorkshire Housing’s Bradford-based neighbourhood team arranged new recycling bins and signage in a dedicated recycling zone.

The action was taken in partnership with Kirklees Council following requests from residents to improve recycling facilities and to keep the area clean and tidy.

Jo Griffin, Yorkshire Housing’s neighbourhood services manager, said: “The area just had standard communal and recycling bins. It was confusing for residents and they didn’t know what rubbish went where.”

But now Smithy Lane has smart new bins with slots on top for paper and glass, making it easier for residents to see how to recycle.

New signage has also been installed to identify the different zones and Yorkshire Housing staff have also visited each property to provide recycling information.

Yorkshire Housing has 50 properties on Smithy Lane, which is off Wakefield Road about a mile from Huddersfield town centre, and around 120 customers.

In the two months since the bins were installed, there have been no additional bin collections needed and Yorkshire Housing customers have said the area looks much tidier.


Last Friday’s event was both a ‘thank you’ to tenants and a way to further drive home the recycling message.

Yorkshire Housing is now looking at other schemes in the Kirklees area where a similar approach can be taken.

The scheme is being monitored by both Yorkshire Housing’s neighbourhood team and council officials.

Jo said the authority has invited Yorkshire Housing staff and customers to visit a recycling centre to see how recycling is processed.

She added: “Once you see that it’s somebody sorting the waste out with their own hands, that really makes you think.”