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Your feedback and experience is important to help us improve our services.

Explain Market Research are making calls on behalf of Yorkshire Housing to ask for your feedback.

Explain Market Research based in Newcastle upon Tyne work to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and follow guidelines set out by the Telephone Preference Service. If they call you their calling number is 0191 605 3155.

You can verify Explain by calling the Market Research Society on 0800 975 9596 or see their website.

We have only provided your contact details to carry out the research. There’s no other personal information and this is not kept by Explain or passed on to any third parties.

Please can you email Explain at: if you do not want to be called and taken off any current or future contact lists. If you’re still concerned about receiving a call please contact us on 0345 366 4404.

If you have any further questions please see Explain’s contact us page.