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Exciting news…we’re launching a new podcast series! Raising the roof is set to land on all podcast platforms next month and it’s definitely one to watch out for.

What can you expect?

Our first series will be seven parts. We’ll tackle topical issues head on, in the housing world and beyond. You’ll hear us explore everything from the future of homes to the power of digital. Want to be a guest? Hit us up on Twitter!

Our CEO Nick will host the series and trust us, you’re in for a treat! With his know-how and passion for all things housing and innovation, you can trust that you’ll learn a lot and have plenty of laughs along the way – he is a born and bred Yorkshireman after all! Nick will be joined by new special guests for each part. Experts in their field and ready to give you the inside scoop.

Watch this space

We’re kicking off the series with a bang. In our first episode we’ll be tackling the topic of Covid-19 with two very special guests. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information coming your way very soon!

Our first episode will be available from 18th May on all your usual podcast platform suspects, including Anchor, Spotify and Apple. After that, you’ll be able to listen to us once a month.





Meet your host

Meet your host

Name: Nick Atkin

Job: CEO, Yorkshire Housing

About: He has a track record of leading organisations through transformational change, driving performance improvement, with a focus on maximising the untapped potential from businesses and people. He’s also a disruptor in the ‘future of work’ debate!

Loves: Innovation

Interesting fact: He’s been paperless for 19 years