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Yorkshire Housing has banned a man from its properties after threatening and abusing residents.

Legal action has been taken against William Todd for behaving aggressively and threatening tenants at properties in Malton.

York Court heard on 18 January how Mr Todd was committing domestic violence and behaving in an aggressive manner towards residents. The court granted a 12 month without notice injunction to William Todd, with the Power of Arrest. The terms prohibit him from entering the scheme at Malton, and also from threatening or using violence towards any tenants living there.

The injunction order will remain in place until 31 January 2019.

Yorkshire Housing antisocial behaviour officer Emma Standing said: “New residents complained to us they’re seeing a regular police presence and being threatened. On several occasions the police contacted us about these call outs to the property for domestic violence.

“Yorkshire Housing does not tolerate violence or aggressive behaviour towards any of our tenants. In this case, we welcome the judge’s decision to grant an injunction order. It is unfortunate that there were no alternatives, but our priority is to try to keep everyone safe.

“We take all reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and we will not hesitate to take swift action where necessary.”