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Yorkshire Housings’ home improvement agency has helped some of the victims of the 2016 floods to access financial support to make their homes more flood resistant.

They have worked with residents to build adaptations to their homes, consisting of re-enforced flood walls and kitchen fittings, to access grab rails, new steps and other structural building modifications.

Needs, advice and support officer Maggie Partridge splashed through the flood stricken streets of York to help victims. She raised awareness with locals about the support she could offer to help with the clean-up.

She helped people to get the flood disaster funding and resilience grants to protect their homes from future floods.

She said: “I heard many heartfelt stories from people and families that I met and saw many shed tears about their losses. I witnessed their personal and emotional journeys, but was able to give some assistance in re-instating their homes with our access to funding and partnerships. Overall the agency managed to help 130 homes in and around York.”

Janet Cooper, one of the York residents added: “I’d like to thank Maggie from the Yorkshire Housing home improvement agency for her dedication and help. I was totally devastated when my home was flooded and didn’t know who to turn to. Maggie pretty much turned up on my doorstep and signposted me to services that helped turn things around and get the mess sorted. Our street and my family can’t thank them enough for their work and dedication.”