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The complaints scrutiny panel reviews how we handle and respond to customer complaints. This is to ensure we can learn from our mistakes.

It comprises some members of the customer services committee who meet every three months to review random complaint cases.

The last meeting discussed a case covering a number of issues, including antisocial behaviour, permissions for a pet, and the windows. The panel could see we had failed to answer a point of the complaint. The lessons learned about this case was a failure to implement policies at the start of the tenancy and so to avoid confusion later on. We had promised the customer something that didn’t happen.

Overall, the panel felt that the customer outcome letter and handling of the complaint was good. The panel commended the team leader for the outcome letter. The panel also heard that we are improving the time it takes to handle complaints.

Members of the complaints scrutiny panel said: “We have seen an improvement in the standard in replies of complaints. There’s also been progress in the time it takes to investigate and reply to customers. This is now underpinned by higher standard of reporting.”

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