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Carolyne Lobb

Yorkshire Housing community investment service are celebrating how they have helped 1,000 customers into employment, self-employment, training or volunteering. Their three year target was to help 1,000 customers, but they hit the target 9 months early.

Yorkshire Housing customer Carolyne Lobb has been named as the 1,000th customer.  She runs her own pet care business called “All My Animals”, which helps pet owners to walk, feed or look after their pet.

Carolyne had already started her business when she became a tenant, but she was soon supported by Yorkshire Housing who gave her a new business model and supported her to take a dog training course to boost her business.

Yorkshire Housing enterprise coaches also showed her how to use social media to support her business, which led her to making her own short canine educational videos. Our enterprise coaches also helped her with the financial side of the business, including advice on IT and book keeping.

With support from Yorkshire Housing, Carolyne is now just four units from completing her advanced canine level 4 in canine behaviour, which could help her business in the future with educational sessions on canine communication.

She also has a book out called “The Yorkshire Misfit”, full of funny stories set in the Yorkshire Dales.

Carolyne Lobb, Owner of “All My Animals” and Yorkshire Housing’s 1,000th customer, said: “I’m so glad that I am the 1,000th customer who has been supported by Yorkshire Housing, in my case with my business “All My Animals”.  In the early days their advice was invaluable to help me to build my successful business.”

Nicola Flett, employment and enterprise team leader, said: “I am really pleased that Carolyne is our 1000th customer. She has done extremely well and is still developing her business. She is a great role model for anyone starting out.


“The employment and enterprise team have done some great work and hitting their target nine months early shows the value they have made. We have had customers who have gone on amazing journeys to get to where they are now.


“I am very proud of what the team has achieved and the difference I know they have made to both customers and Yorkshire Housing”

So far the community and investment team have managed to help 1,020 customers, which includes:

  • 257 into employment
  • 408 with training
  • 267 with self-employment
  • 88 into volunteering

For those 257 customers who were helped into employment, came off benefits or got better jobs, they are now £2,916,289 better off due to the support of our employment coaches.

The community investment team also managed to generate £9 million in social value in 2 years, smashing their £7.5 million 3 year target. This has been through the customers supported for the 1,000 customer target but also due to the community investment and community grant projects that have delivered or funded through 2018-19.

The community investment team worked closely with many other teams at Yorkshire Housing including the benefit and money advice team, neighbourhoods, independent living service, customer insight & engagement and the ASB team. These teams worked closely with them to calculate the social value this had generated.


When a coach meets a customer for the first time they look at the big picture, as it’s not just about getting them in to a job. It’s about finding a career that fits with their commitments but also meets their aspirations. If customers are helped to gain work in field they want to do then there is a much better chance of that employment being sustainable.


Having a dedicated business support team has really made a difference, enterprise coaches use action plans to support the customers journey into business. They help support with business planning, cash flows, market research and marketing to ensure the business idea will be viable.  Book keeping is even more vital with the introduction of Universal Credit and the need to report on a monthly basis. They also work with external partners to ensure customers can access additional services that would benefit them.


Customers have been helped by a mix of face to face and online training, which has seen them move forwards with the careers they desire. Community investment now offer over 200 online training courses for customers, covering everything from Microsoft level 1-3 to level 3 teaching assistant training.