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Yorkshire Housing customer Tabitha gave up a successful modelling career and decided to take a complete change of direction following the tragic loss of her good friend to cancer. She saw how hair loss as a result of radiation therapy affected the self-confidence of her friend, although too late to benefit her. She carefully researched the various hair loss treatments available on the market before deciding on the one which she felt gave the best results at a reasonable price and, once trained as a hairdresser, opened her own home based salon in Micklefield and decided to incorporate hair loss treatments for men and women into her portfolio.

She offers confidential one to one consultations and treatments knowing how difficult many potential clients find talking about such issues in a normal busy high street environment and so extended her salon to provide the service in a relaxed and discreet environment.

Tabitha Gilpin, hair loss specialist and hair extension technician, said: “My passion is to help my clients rebuild self-confidence and, in particular, those suffering from hair loss which occurs naturally or as a result of cancer treatments so that they feel ready to take on the world! This is why I also donate some of my profit to a well-known British cancer charity.”

John Bolton, Yorkshire Housing enterprise coach, said: “We are really proud that Tabitha’s business is starting to thrive. Our enterprise and employment team can help any Yorkshire Housing customer develop their business in the early days, we can offer a wide range of support to any Yorkshire Housing customers as they start to develop their business.”

A chance meeting with star of Housewives of Cheshire star Leanne Brown has led to links with the worldwide charity “One woman at a time“ which seeks to build self-confidence and self-esteem in women around the world.  As a result they are planning to host a garden party in support of the charity in the spring at Tabitha’s salon.

Tabitha can be contacted via her web site

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