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Work has started on a new Yorkshire Housing development in Allerton Bywater which will see 55 new homes being built by 2019.

Yorkshire Housing has commissioned Esh Construction Ltd to build the new homes and as part of its communities strategy, Esh has made a £1,000 grant available to an organisation in Allerton Bywater or the surrounding area to continue their good work in the community. Organisations can apply to receive the grant via the Esh Communities website using the code: ROY1180SRSNRAB.

Esh Communities was set up in 2012 to distribute Esh’s Charitable Trust grant support fairly and equally across their operating regions. Since its formation the Esh Charitable Trust has granted over £140,000 to good causes improving the lives thousands of people.

Grant applications are open to any community group, charitable organisation or social enterprise which can demonstrate its aptitude and ability to make a real difference to their service users.

The nearby Castleford Community Learning Centre (CCLC) received a grant in 2016 to continue their good work. Programme manager at CCLC, Pat Ruiz said: “This fund has enabled Function Maths and English to be continued within our organisation. Function Maths and English is available for individuals of all ages to take part in one to one or group tutoring sessions once a week.

“The funding we had ran out in December and tutors were working in advance of securing any funding. This funding arrived at exactly the right time to allow us to continue offering Maths and English (functional skills) tutoring from January at Castleford Women’s Centre.”

Added value coordinator Rebecca Shaw from Esh said: “Esh is proud to be able to support local charities and organisations who play such a vital role in our community.

“By providing this funding, we hope to allow often overlooked, local community organisations, the opportunity to continue to thrive and make real impacts to local people”.