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Adrian Jones* from Doncaster has secured his first job for 13 years thanks to help from employment coach Imran Hussain. Adrian spent eight years caring for his terminally ill mother before taking the opportunity to travel for five year after she sadly passed away.

Bev from the money and benefit advice team referred Adrian to the employment and enterprise team in January and an appointment was swiftly booked for Yorkshire Housing employment coach Imran and Adrian to meet. In their first meeting the pair built an up-to-date CV highlighting Adrian’s lengthy vocational and personal experience – Adrian had worked at the same business for 12 years previous to his long-term unemployment.

Imran suggested some volunteering to show Adrian’s drive to work and to give him some more recent vocational experience. In a second meeting, Imran also helped Adrian to write a cover letter and gave him tips on how to more efficiently search of jobs.

The breakthrough came in April when a successful telephone interview lead to an assessment day at Doncaster Airport and ultimately a job offer to become an airside ramp agent. With a minimum of 25 hours per week and the possibility of up to 45 hours of work a week, Adrian’s new role was his first job offer for 25 years and meant for the first time in 13 years he now had a regular income he could rely on.

Adrian said: “Imran made this process smooth and easy for me, he helped me a great deal with his quick responses and availability for productive and interesting meetings at my local library. We spoke about where to look for jobs and how to tailor my applications for different roles – it definitely helped me get my new job!

“I was nervous, I hadn’t worked for a long time and I hadn’t interviewed in even longer but Imran helped me to be confident, to stop worrying and not allow myself to over-think things.”

Employment coach, Imran Hussain said: “Adrian has done fantastically, he had a really hard time while his mother was ill, to give up his career at the time and devote himself to helping her was a selfless act. It’s great to see him back at work.

“He was on a roll, 15 jobs applied for in such a short period of time, you could see the drive and the confidence within him that he could get back on the ladder – and he has!”

*Adrian’s name has been changed as he preferred to remain anonymous.