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Yesterday, Yorkshire Housing colleagues joined forces with customers at Concorde Mews in Doncaster to improve the area and make it a better place to live. Earlier this year customers living at Concorde Mews got in touch to let us know they weren’t happy with a few things. So, James Haigh, our Enhanced Tenancy Services Manager, went along to meet with residents and find out what we could do to make Concorde Mews a place they’re proud to call home.

Yesterday’s day of action is part of a longer term plan to improve the lives of residents living in communities where they have faced issues such as antisocial behaviour and littering. To kick things off, we got together with customers to set up garden furniture, plant flowers, power wash communal areas and collect litter.

Our tenancy management team went along to meet customers, chat about plans for improvements, and answer any questions.

James Haigh, Enhanced Tenancy Services Manager at Yorkshire Housing said: “It was great to be able to get together with customers at Concorde Mews to help improve the area. I’m really optimistic that this can the starting point to making some really positive changes here and we’ve been working with customers on some exciting projects that’ll make a real difference to people’s lives and give them a place they’re proud to call home”.

Though it wasn’t the warmest day of the year. Everyone enjoyed being out in the shared spaces and we got some really positive feedback from customers.

One resident said: “I’m extremely pleased with how the days gone. Adding a bit of colour [to the garden] helps people with mental health issues and the fact we’ve got things in place for people with physical disabilities [as well] should help everybody be more sociable and interact with other people.”

This is just the start for Concorde Mews.