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In March 2017 Yorkshire Housing evicted a tenant using new powers of Mandatory Possession. The tenant was convicted of assaulting his neighbour and under new laws relating to serious crimes the judge had no option other than to evict him. Mandatory Possession means the tenant does not have a ‘second chance’.

Yorkshire Housing tenants have a wide range of responsibilities towards their neighbours. Under the terms of our tenancy agreement, tenants and their family must not cause nuisance or commit crime in the locality of their home (street, garden areas, local shops, bus stops, schools).

All criminal behaviour by any member of the household will result in some form of legal action by Yorkshire Housing. Serious crimes such as: assaults; dealing hard drugs; breaching Council Noise Orders; or criminal damage to property could result in Mandatory Possession and an immediate eviction.

Yorkshire Housing and the police work closely together and we share information. It is important that tenants understand they will lose more than their liberty if they commit serious crime, they will also lose their home.