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As it’s National Apprenticeship Week, we asked a couple of our apprentices to answer a few questions about their time as a Yorkshire Housing apprentice.

Mohammad – Customer resolution advisor

What’s your role? What do you do?

“My role at Yorkshire Housing, is a Customer Resolution Advisor. I look at the complaints we receive and assign them to different managers across the business and make sure we meet our service level agreements for complaints. I also give training on complaints to new team members and generate reports on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. I also deal with high level complaints that we receive from the Housing Ombudsman, MPs and councillors.”

What made you decide to take the apprenticeship route?
“I made the decision to take the apprenticeship route when it came to the end of leaving school, year 11. I always preferred to learn hands on, so when I heard about apprenticeships, I knew this was the best route for me to start my career.”

How has your apprenticeship with Yorkshire Housing helped you?

“It’s helped me develop my knowledge and interpersonal skills. So far, I’ve completed two apprenticeships, secured a full-time role and am working towards completing a level 3 CMI qualification. The apprenticeship helped me kick start my career and opened different opportunities inside and outside of Yorkshire Housing, such as joining the YAAN (Young Apprenticeship Ambassador Network). As a result of the hard work, I was nominated and won the Regional and National Apprenticeship of the Year award.”

What’s next?

“I’m considering another higher level qualification to support the next steps in my career. I’d like to continue to develop my skills and knowledge and secure a senior role that requires project management. I’ve always aspired to be a leader and would love to pursue this.”

“An amazing opportunity to kick start my career and help me develop
and strive to achieve my goals”


Charlotte – Digital content producer

What’s your role? What do you do?
“I’m a digital content producer. I create graphics and videos for internal and external posts. My main platforms I work on are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I also help the team out with content for the internal and external newsletters that we send to customers and colleagues.”

What made you decide to take the apprenticeship route?
“I wanted a career in digital marketing and everywhere I’d applied always asked for 2+ years experience and a qualification. I was having no luck until I found YH. I’m now nearing the end of my apprenticeship and have enjoyed every minute of working here.”

How has your apprenticeship with Yorkshire Housing helped you?

“I’ve been able to improve on my designing skills. It’s also opened my eyes and helped me to know the world of deadlines properly after working in customer service for many years before this job. I’ve also been able to work on larger projects within the team and gain more knowledge in how bigger campaigns work.”


What’s next?

“I want to gain more knowledge and skills to help me understand the comms field. By doing that I will have a better understanding and I want to progress higher up the career ladder as it’ll set me up for other jobs in the future.”

“My apprenticeship has been a great way for me to express my creativity
where I can learn and develop my
skills further”


Our full list of 2022 apprenticeship vacancies will go live at the end of March 2022, so be sure to keep an eye out. To register your interest click here
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