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Customer service

Yorkshire Housing is supporting Back our Essential Workers: Service with Respect campaign, launched by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS). The campaign is based on research that highlights; customer-facing employees are stating that the amount of hostile or abusive behaviour is increasing. According to the ICS survey, 56% of customer-facing staff have experienced increased hostility during the crisis, and significant numbers feel anxiety about undertaking their jobs.

Based on this work, the ICS have launched the – Back our Essential Workers: Service with Respect. The principles of the campaign are:

  • The Government needs to strengthen the sanctions against those that abuse staff – and law enforcement have to treat it seriously.
  • Employers are playing their part in training and supporting colleagues to deal with some of these issues, but they need support from the law
  • On occasions as customers, we need to adjust our expectations and behaviour in support of service professionals.

For more information about the campaign please click here