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Thanks to the use of DIY legal action, the ASB team have successfully been granted possession of a nuisance neighbour’s property.

Mr. D caused nuisance and perpetrated criminal acts. He would sell his prescription drugs and buy illegal drugs for his own use, and after getting into debt with the drug dealers had regular angry visitors banging on the door, shouting and trying to break in, keeping his neighbours awake with the noise. Many were upset how his behaviour was ruining the reputation of their neighbourhood.

Four neighbours agreed to sign witness statements describing all these problems. Although Mr. D denied any recent involvement in drug related activities, the Neighbourhood Officer Melissa Capone knew he was lying and was able to explain to the judge what in fact was going on.

Reports were still coming in about Mr. D’s behaviour even after he was issued with legal proceedings. He was admitted to a Drug Rehabilitation Unit which he later ran away from, ending up staying in London with drug dealers saying he had no plans to return to the property.

Thanks to these brave neighbours and Melissa’s calm and professional testimony in court, Yorkshire Housing secured this great outcome: not only a cost effective ‘in house’ legal action, but peaceful and safe homes for our customers.

Melissa Capone: “I am so pleased with what has happened. Mr. D has caused havoc over the months with his appalling behaviour – not only ruining his own life but those of his neighbours. People were scared of him and his criminal associates, but once they decided enough was enough, we were able to draft statements and take this tough, but necessary action. The judge was scary too, but very fair!”