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Yorkshire Housing tenants were given the opportunity this week to air their views on the Green Paper on Social Housing, the government consultation on social housing.

In August the government published the consultation document, which aims to ‘rebalance the relationship between residents and landlords, tackle stigma and ensure that social housing can be both a stable base that supports people when they need it and support social mobility.’

Along with Tpas, experts in tenant engagement, and facilitator Gillian McLaren, Yorkshire Housing hosted two day-long sessions focusing on the five key areas of the consultation paper: Ensuring safe and decent homes, Complaints procedures, the Regulator, Tackling stigma and Home ownership.

The sessions involved discussing the questions within these five areas and asking tenants to note down their views and discuss the themes together.

The focus groups gave our tenants the opportunity to have their opinions aired and to listen to other tenants as well. It is also a tangible way for them to have these views taken into consideration by the government through this consultation.

Following the focus groups, Yorkshire Housing will collect the information and put together a response to the Green Paper. The deadline for responses is November 6.

You can read the Green Paper on Social Housing here.