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Thanks to one of our neighbourhood officers, a family in Bradford has a new home to enjoy in the new year.

Nikki Peacock, along with her three daughters, eight-year-old Scarlette, Olivia, aged six, and little Gracie-Mae, who is seven months old, were given the gift of more space thanks to Yorkshire Housing neighbourhood officer, Natalie Rogers.

Natalie, who works in the Bradford area, arranged a house swap between Nikki and another Yorkshire Housing tenant who was hoping to downsize, after realising that each of them was looking for what the other had. Natalie said:

“One of our residents contacted me to ask about downsizing and I thought to myself, I know someone who lives nearby who might be interested and I contacted Nikki to find out. I managed to get the two together and now it’s all gone ahead.”

Nikki said her previous house had become a tight squeeze, especially with little Gracie-Mae finding her feet, and it was lucky that Natalie had come to the rescue. “The other tenant came to my house to see it and she wanted it straight away,” said Nikki. “It was perfect for her.” Since moving into their new home late November last year, just in time for Christmas, Nikki and family have been much more content.

“We are more relaxed now,” said Nikki. “Moving was very stressful but the kids are enjoying the space. There is more garden space and they are just a lot happier and go to sleep better. Both older girls have their own bedroom so there is no more arguing about who is watching what on TV.”

Neighbourhood officers are at the heart of the communities they work in and have their ears to the ground. It’s part and parcel of being able to do their job effectively and to help the people who need it most. And for Nikki and her beautiful family, we wish them a Happy New Year in their new home.