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We’re about to start working on our customer annual report and we’d really appreciate your help in creating this year’s report.

Every year we put together this document to highlight how we’ve made a positive difference to the lives of our customers. We’re incredibly proud of the work we do and the success stories of our customers, and we love to share this news!

We’re keen to hear your views on what you’d like see in the report. For example, would you prefer statistics, stories, or both? How about videos of customers sharing their stories? And, did you see last year’s customer annual report?

These are all questions we’d like to know your answers to. We’ll use your feedback to shape the structure and content to develop our most insightful, interesting and customer-friendly annual report yet.

Share your feedback

To share your views all you need to do is complete our survey here. By completing the survey, you’ll be automatically entered into a free prize draw to win shopping vouchers worth £50 for 1st place, £30 for 2nd and £20 for 3rd.

Surveys must be completed by 5th March 2021. Good luck!